President Trump’s Business Tax Cuts — How They Could Affect You

7 min readJan 2, 2021


As President Trump nears the end of his term, many Americans are wondering what he plans to do to solve America’s problems. Many Americans are afraid that the government is moving away from their efforts to help the economy. The President has mentioned multiple times in the past that he wants to make the United States number one amongst all developed nations. However, one of the first items on his agenda will be the casino bailout plan. With the failing economy and the jobs situation in the United States, it is quite likely that this will be included in the agenda. If President Trump can successfully negotiate a deal with the Canadian government to take over the failed Canadian casinos and bring it back on track, it may turn out to be a very profitable deal for all involved.

President Trump is going to try to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). His administration is hoping to come up with a better deal than the Canada European Union trade deal. Negotiations are expected to start soon. President Trump is also planning to renegotiate the trade deals with South Korea and Mexico. These deals are in place so that the United States does not have to worry about exiting the deals if they are not doing well. President Trump has also indicated that he might negotiate a deal with Japan over trade.

Another item on the agenda of the President is the casino bailout plan. The President and the Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, are expected to present a proposal to Congress to assist with the restructuring of the failing financial institutions. The President has already indicated that this plan would include reducing tax rates, reducing regulations, and providing incentives for banks to lend money to people and businesses. President Trump’s bailout plan would in some ways mimic the methods used by the Federal Reserve under the presidencies of both George W. Bush and Obama. Such methods have been tried and sometimes not so successful.

President Trump has made it clear that he intends to rescue the failing financial system and he has stated that he wants to see the big banks survive as a result. The Federal Reserve is largely responsible for the current problems with the American economy, and bailouts for these large banks will undoubtedly help. President Trump has indicated that the size of the bank loan interest rate cut will not be effective until after he has negotiated more aggressive debt reduction deals with creditors. The details of these negotiations are still being finalized, and it appears that the final result will be very unfavorable for the United States government. This is why it may take a few months before we see the results of these plans.

President Trump has also talked about increasing the taxes for the wealthy individuals in America, but there are many who doubt whether this would actually work in reality. Many factors would need to be worked out before these tax cuts can be put into effect, including economic and political factors. These tax cuts for the top bracket earners were talked about extensively during the election campaign.

One item on the agenda of the President is the tax breaks for real estate investors. Real estate is the most profitable form of investment today, and the government is looking to encourage this investment through aggressive tax deductions. In the past, people have used homes as investment properties, making use of tax benefits, only to lose money when the market fell. Under the new plan, the government would provide incentives to buyers, allowing them to deduct the interest from the principal amount of their loans, even if they happen to stay in the house for less than one year. If the seller does not owe any taxes, the transaction is considered a charitable transfer and no taxes are charged.

Another aspect of President Trump’s plan would be to reduce the corporate tax rate, which currently sits at a rate of 35%. This reduction would primarily benefit large businesses, and they would pass these savings along to their clients in the form of lower rates. Cutting corporate taxes will encourage more domestic companies to come up with their own policies to protect their intellectual property. It also helps smaller businesses stay competitive in the global market by providing additional financial opportunities for them to expand.

Unfortunately, there are some aspects of President Trump’s plan that doesn’t sit well with certain sectors of the US business community. One of those is the elimination of the death tax, which has been a source of revenue for the government for many years. Another possible drawback for business owners is the proposed elimination of estate taxes. These taxes are meant to pay for the replacement costs of the loved ones who have passed away, and this could be a burden to those people who have a substantial estate, since they may not be able to pay the taxes out of pocket.

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