Questions About Trump Casino Properties

8 min readJan 2, 2021


Just when you thought you heard it all when it came to business ventures in the New York area, Donald Trump returns again with another one of his mega properties. This time, his newest casino in Queens will offer something unique on a scale that has never been seen before. And everyone seems to be looking forward to it. Trump Casino is also planning to affiliate with Korean 카지노사이트 for the better service. Here are some things that you should know about the Trump casino in Queens, New York.

The timing — It’s not a secret that with Donald Trump’s name is attached to a brand-new business, the potential for headaches is high. You’ll have to get past the ‘wooshing’ period and into the serious thinking phase about whether this venture is really going to be a success. But you can’t let your excitement about the new venue to get the best of you. After all, this is still a business and as such — you must remain focused on the bottom line.

The location — You’ll find this one to be a bit of a let down. Instead of one of the most heavily trafficked locations in New York (even though it is highly touted as the “Walt Disney” of New York City), the Trump casino in Queens will be located in an area where it actually doesn’t belong — at all. You’ll hear stories from local residents about how traffic to and from the nearby Manhattan brownstone (the location of both The Trump Taj Mahal and its massive casino wing) is virtually non-existent during the busy non-holiday times.

The location is just one of many issues surrounding this huge business plan. Others include; the sheer size of the undertaking, the complicated financing scenario, and the questionable plans for the eventual sale of the operation. There are plenty more concerns with this new business venture, but these are three that should steer you clear of them at all costs.

Who else is involved? — This is a concern that you should definitely think through. There’s no getting around the fact that this is a huge deal, and you’ll certainly want to be sure that there aren’t any major hold-ups due to who else is potentially involved. Expect this to be a very involved and lengthy process, and that you may have to wait for the final agreements to be in place.

What are the potential tax implications? — Another huge question that you need to ask yourself when thinking about putting down money on a new casino business in the city of New York. The state of New York has some fairly heavy regulations regarding gaming, and if you happen to be located near one of those states — like New Jersey, for example — you could find yourself paying out a lot of extra taxes on your profits. That said, New York is also home to many popular gaming establishments such as the Atlantic City Boardwalk, which means there are likely going to be plenty of alternative ways for you to tap into if tax issues are a concern for you.

Will the building be inspected by the city, or will you be conducting the construction internally? — You can expect a very rigorous level of scrutiny when it comes to any business involving casino operations, so it’s important to make sure that you’re doing things right from the beginning. If you’re not familiar with the building, it will be wise to hire a professional inspection company to come in and do a thorough walkthrough. This will give you a good idea of just what kind of restrictions are being placed on the property, and whether there are any legal conflicts or areas of concern that haven’t been disclosed. Make sure that all of these issues are addressed before you choose to open a business in the building.

What are your other options if you can’t get the permits that are required? — Building a second casino on the site of an existing one is always possible, but you’ll need to consult with each individual jurisdiction differently. Most cities and states won’t have a problem with allowing you to operate your second business on land that you currently own, but you may find that there are some zoning issues to sort out, and it’s best to consult a lawyer before getting started.

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