Trump re-roots “I will not be able to do well with Biden and Kim Jong-un”

2 min readDec 7, 2020


US President Donald Trump said on the 5th (local time) to President-elect Joe Biden, “I am unlikely to do well with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.”

In a speech during the Senate election campaign in Valdosta, Georgia, President Trump said, “Everyone said war, but we have advanced relations.” “How he (Biden) and North Korean Kim Jong-un Let’s see if we will do it. I don’t think I’ll do that well.”
President Trump raised his achievements in his speech that day and continued to re-root Biden-elect.

Earlier, President Trump has repeatedly emphasized that he has improved relations with Kim Jong-un through “top-down” talks and succeeded in lowering the threat of armed force from North Korea. Also, President Trump has referred to Kim Jong-un as his “friend.” On the other hand, Biden-elect has touched the planting by describing Kim Jong-un as a “violent ship” or “hitler.” President-elect Biden is expected to take a different approach to President Trump’s policy toward North Korea.

President Trump expressed a negative view on Biden’s other foreign policy, referring to international agreements he withdrew during his term of office, such as the Paris Climate Agreement and the Iran Nuclear Agreement.

He referred to former Secretary of State John Kerry, appointed by Biden as Envoy on Climate Change. “Good negotiator, John Kerry, what they want is the first thing they want to get back to the Paris Climate Agreement.” “It’s going to cost us a lot. , To destroy America.”

“The second thing they want to do is give Iran billions of dollars,” he said, arguing that Biden would re-sign Iran’s nuclear agreement.

In addition, President Trump repeated the theory of manipulation of the presidential election. He said, “If I lose

“But if they steal, manipulate, and steal (elections), they should never accept it,” he said.

“The best moment has not yet come. Our fight to clean up Washington’s filth and reshape America’s destiny has now begun,” he said. “We will surrender, break, retreat, or never surrender.” Emphasized.




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