Trump returns “I won”…Georgia joins Obama

US President Donald Trump resumed the public campaign on the 5th (local time) after a month after the presidential election on November 3rd. This is to appeal for support of the Republican candidate a month ahead of the final vote in the Georgia Senate election on January 5 next year.
Trump to support Georgia Senate runoff candidates
“Democrats will go beyond socialism to communism”

President Trump, along with his wife, Melania, on the stage of a support campaign held in front of an airport hangar in Valdostar, Georgia. Trump spent a significant amount of his 1 hour and 40 minute speech reiterating allegations that the presidential election was rigged.

“We won in Georgia, and the elections were rigged,” he made a different argument. The state electoral authorities, led by the Republican governor, have confirmed that after two recounts, President-elect Joe Biden won by a difference of 12,670 votes (0.2 percentage points).

When President Trump, first attending a public event after the presidential election, said, “They stole the elections I won,” the crowd responded with “Stop the steal” and “Four more years.” According to the New York Times (NYT), 10,000 Trump supporters gathered at the scene.

President Trump raised a question, saying, “I got more votes than all the presidents in the past. I could win with just 67 million to 68 million votes, but even though I received a whopping 74 million votes, I said I lost the election.”

He repeatedly argued, “We have never lost. We are winning this election,” but emphasized that if the Democratic Party comes to power, it will attempt to abolish the policies promoted by the Trump administration, including US priority, and to prevent this, he emphasized that the Senate must be seized.

President Trump said, “Socialism is the beginning. Those people will go beyond socialism and go to communism.” Said that I can.

Of the 100 seats in the Senate elections held alongside the presidential election, the Republican Party secured 50 seats, and the Democrats and independents secured 48 seats. The Republican Party becomes a majority party by taking only one seat. The Democratic Party must take both seats to become a majority party by adding the Vice President’s casting boat.

President Trump called the Georgia Senate election “the most important parliamentary runoff in American history.” “Whether we will live in a socialist country or a free country, you will determine the fate of America.” The state of Georgia was also referred to as “the last line of defense for American values.”

During his speech, President Trump said, “It would be nice if both candidates and I were elected…” and made a remark as if he was expecting his defeat. “If I lose, I’ll be a very gracious loser,” he said. “I would say,’I lost,’ and go to Florida to relax and say’I’ve been doing well.’ “But when they steal, manipulate and rob, it’s absolutely unacceptable,” he added.

The Democratic Party, which had an initial success or failure in the Biden administration in the Georgia runoff vote, spurred the election campaign with former President Barack Obama.

On the 4th, former President Obama appealed to the Democratic Party candidate for a vote, saying, “If the Republican Party, who is interested in interference and congestion rather than moving forward, takes over the Senate, it will block all bills.”€洹몄뒪-12-07癒뱁?寃€利??€洹몄뒪-released-at-the-end-of-December-Plan-to-lead-the-advanced-sports-betting-culture-12-07,-sports-betting-games-are-showing-one-after-another.

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