Trump’s campaign to strengthen voting system in political circles amid claims of’election fraud’

4 min readDec 7, 2020

U.S. President Donald Trump’s false ``election fraud’’ claim is laying the groundwork for new voting restrictions, the NBC broadcast said on the 6th (local time).

President Trump’s dissatisfaction with the results of the presidential election has led to a proposal to make voting even more difficult in politics amid allegations that the elections were fabricated and there was massive voter fraud.

“Despite much evidence that US elections are safe from hacking and widespread voter fraud, federal and state politicians are proposing new laws that make voting more difficult,” the NBC said.

Republican State Secretary of State Brad Rappensperger proposed a system change that would add a voter ID requirement to verify voter status when voting by mail, and to more rigorous review of voter residence information.

In a recent tweet, Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw (Texas) demanded nationally restrict vote-by-mail votes, add voter ID requirements to vote-by-mail, and establish a national voter database.

“Republican lawmakers who have refused to recognize President-elect Biden are planting seeds of distrust in the election system with President Trump,” NBC noted.

In a recent tweet, Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky) posted a link to a blog post that erroneously claimed the voter count was wrong, saying, “Scam? Look at the evidence and decide for yourself.”

In an objection lawsuit filed in some areas, Trump Camp argued that the list of voters was full of’frauded voters’ and that only legitimate ballots should be included in the count. Congressman Paul has also agreed with President Trump’s argument and said that inappropriate ballots should not be counted.

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